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Tomb Of Osirian

Level Designer icon.png

Role: Solo Developer


Team Size: Solo


Engine: Divinity Engine (Glasses)


Development Time: 1 Month

The Tomb of Osirian is a cooperative campaign, designed to be played via the "Game Master" mode within Divinity 2. With four complete levels, coupled with pre-programmed AI encounters and battles, test your party to their limits as the perfect Game Master.

Check out my level creation time-lapse here!

Context & Download

Hired by the locals, the party finds themselves in the realm of Shadowfell - their quest taking them on the path to clear the threat of Osirian, an ancient tomb that has been reawoken and restored by the Raanaar; the peaceful dead now wrecking havoc on those that live nearby. Conquer the Tomb of Osirian, before it's too late heroes.


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