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IGI: Origins

Level Designer icon.png

Role: Junior Level Designer


Team Size: 45+


Engine: Unreal Engine 5


Development Time: 1 year+

It’s 1980, the Cold War balances precariously on the brink of full-scale conflict. Infiltrate a volatile and manipulative world of high-stakes espionage – your way. Plan and execute your missions against an enemy plotting all-out nuclear war in this tense and tactical first-person shooter.

Gameplay Trailer

During my time with Antimatter, I was fortunate enough to work with such a talented team in all departments. The work shown throughout these trailers was a collaborative effort from the entire team.

On IGI: Origins, I was appointed Design Level Owner of the level shown throughout the Gameplay trailer and had to collaborate with all departments to bring the level up to Production standard from blockout and art 1 stages alongside the Art Level Owner.

Aside this, I was part of an internal tech initiative between programmers, designers and level designers to design, test and create new tools to be utilised during production of the project studio wide.

Primarily though, my work as a Junior Level Designer on IGI allowed me to mostly work on sections of levels alongside level owners to help design encounter spaces for combat scenarios as well as script all associated AI, Mission Logic and special events involved whilst also planning, blocking out and iterating on my own level.

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